68 hits. Now, I’m going to tick some people off.

So, I’ve been hearing stuff about how apparently this crazy weather is a result of global warming.

1. Can you explain the massive amounts of snow to me?

2. What is the ideal temp of our earth?

And one agreement that I have is, would God really put us on this earth know all of what will happen in the future of our inhabits of it and not have a plan? I think He thought it through a little bit more than we think. We should probably give the beautiful, oh so lovely, creature of EVERYTHING more credit.

I get the idea, though. We DO need to do something. We need to show the creation of God some respect. Fuel efficient means of transport and cleaner sources of energy are fantastic ideas. We are working towards being a more respectful people of the earth. Let’s not get too hung up on it.

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