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Wow, so it’s been awhile. I really have nothing to say I just needed to post something.  STILL no goat  babies. I guess, they’re making sure they are cooked…


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Yes, the weather man was WRONG.  We probably got about 7-8 inches in the east metro area of Atlanta.

The snow was great!  The ice, not so much. There is a 1/2 to 1 inch layer of ice on top of the snow.  So we have not left the house since Sunday.  The cabin fever is indeed setting in.

Usually, when we get a good deal of snow it is gone within 2 days or so of the storm and you can still drive.  Not this time.  It started to melt yesterday.  But it is not going to go above freezing today. I don’t think I’ll be getting out of here until Friday. At least I had some with me during the storm. They left today, though.  So I plan on dying of boredom.

Oh, and the goat has not kidded yet.  We think she’s close.

No Stuff of the Day today. I have no ideas…

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Georgia is expecting snow. That means…

the grocery store is PACKED. The weather dude is say that we are only going to get 2 inches, that means we are going to get 5 inches. They alway predict less snow than we really get. I understand why some people freak out when it snows, but at some point I think people should just except the weather and GET OVER IT.

It snows like twice a year here anyway…

Also, one of our goats is about kid(for non-hillbillies: give birth). “They” say that goat kid in the worst freakin’ weather of the year. “They” are right.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting…..Pictures and updates to come.

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One of my favorite photos I’ve taken. It was taken on my dad’s boss’ private jet. He flew us down to Jacksonville for my grandfather’s funeral last year. 😦

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