98 hits!  I’m a bad blogger.

Georgia is expecting snow. That means…

the grocery store is PACKED. The weather dude is say that we are only going to get 2 inches, that means we are going to get 5 inches. They alway predict less snow than we really get. I understand why some people freak out when it snows, but at some point I think people should just except the weather and GET OVER IT.

It snows like twice a year here anyway…

Also, one of our goats is about kid(for non-hillbillies: give birth). “They” say that goat kid in the worst freakin’ weather of the year. “They” are right.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting…..Pictures and updates to come.

Photo of the Day

One of my favorite photos I’ve taken. It was taken on my dad’s boss’ private jet. He flew us down to Jacksonville for my grandfather’s funeral last year. 😦

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