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I am thinking about seeing I Am Number 4.

It looked really lame in the theater trailer but the ones they are showing now look pretty good. It seems to have a lot of guns and monsters. NRA FTW!

Moving on…

I REALLY like this song. The music video is pretty killer too.

And to end it…

Julian Smith is a fantastically creative person.

His wife(seen in the video) is also a fantastically creative person, who writes a darn good blog.

That’s all for now. Happy Weekend! n_n



Once in my life,

I had a Switchfoot Pandora station. One day it chose to play MARVIN GAYE. What?! Yeah, because he and Switchfoot have similar musical styles.

Here is a station that hasn’t failed me yet.


One Cell In The Sea – A Fine Frenzy

After my “owl post,” I found this.

It rocks this girl’s socks hard.

Owls and Espresso? Yes, please.

It just thrilled me so much I had to share it with you.

Song Lyric of the Day (New thing? Maybe!)

“Dear, Gravity, you’ve held me down in this starless city.” ~ Tiffany Blews – Fall Out Boy.

I listen to Fall Out Boy because I am a 15-year-old girl and this is the only place were I choose conformity.

I hope it thrilled you as much as much as it thrilled me,



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