Can we talk about the Superbowl for a minute?

1. The game was boring. I liked the outcome(PACKERS!) but it was boring. It was only close for like a quarter. It just didn’t thrill me.

2. Christina Aguilera. WOW. Not only did it sound bad but she messed up the NATIONAL ANTHEM. Failing the anthem=Just bad. My Grandfather would not be very happy with that, Ms. Aguilera.

Btw, I think my house is going to blow over. The wind is blowing MEGA hard.

3. The Black Eyed Peas. Again, WOW. To give them a  break, they were having some sound problems. One of the sound problems, though, was Fergie. Usher saved the day. Slash could have,  if Fergie would have stopped rubbing up on him and make the kind of sound my goat make when she’s giving birth to another goat. In all fairness, it is called the Halftime SHOW. It was a show. There were dancers in LED costumes and a cool stage. They gave American a show and I’m sure the players were happy to be in the locker room and not on the field listing to it.

Oh, and what’s the name of the other dudes in the band? I only know Fregie and about William?).

Well…I guess that will be all,