I’ve found that if I write my ideas on a piece of paper with a pen, I have better ideas. Also, I have the hand-writing of a 7-year-old.

Practice makes prefect, right?

So I think I’ll start writing most of my post on paper and then typing them out to post here. I also need to start writing all of my school essays on paper. I also need to start not procrastination and just right the stinking papers. I’m homeschooled so I can kind of get a way with it but I shouldn’t. I need to learn to enjoy write for school. My problem is finding a topic. If I can find a topic that I’m interested in, then the only problem I have is writing too much because I get so caught up in the subject.

With all that said, yeah, I’m probably going to be sitting down and just writing, on paper, whatever comes to mind.