Well, hey! It’s been a REALLY long time.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?


I’m currently in a Facebook chat conversation with my lovely friend, Jenny Ray. We are talking about music and I want to talk with y’all about music.


Death Cab’s new song!

When there’s a burning in your heart

An endless fury in your heart

Build it bigger than the Sun

Let it grow

Let it grow

And there’s a burning in your heart

Don’t be alarmed

LOVE this girl.

i know how you work
i am just like you
no matter what you say
our hearts are wrong
our hearts are wrong

Listen, I don’t care what anyone says but I love PANIC! AT THE DISCO.

If I could trade mistakes for sheep,
Count me away before you sleep.
So I’ll stay awake ’til I trade my mistakes or they fade away.

I feel like my blog is kinda turning into a music blog.

I’m ok with this. 😉